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The Ghana men’s national basketball team, administered by the Ghana Basketball Association (GBBA), plays a crucial role in the development of basketball at the grassroots level in Ghana. While the team hasn’t yet competed in major international tournaments, Ghanaian basketball players have showcased their skills in some of the world’s strongest leagues. Alongside the men’s team, Ghana also has a U-18 national team and a 3×3 basketball team, highlighting the country’s commitment to nurturing talent at various levels.

Ghana’s Ranking and Participation in Major Tournaments

Ghana’s men’s national basketball team, although not currently ranked in the FIBA ranking, has a rich history within the country. However, they have yet to qualify for major international tournaments such as the Olympic Games, FIBA World Cup, or African Championship. This absence from the global stage does not diminish the potential and talent that exists within Ghanaian basketball.

While the national team has not achieved widespread recognition, Ghana’s U-18 national team has made strides in international competition. This youth team has had the opportunity to compete in the FIBA Africa Under-18 Championship, showcasing the promising talent pool that Ghana possesses.

Although Ghana’s absence from major tournaments is notable, it does not reflect the dedication and passion for the sport within the country. The Ghanaian basketball community continues to work on grassroots development and nurturing talent from a young age. The goal is to provide opportunities for growth and exposure, enabling players to reach their full potential and, in turn, strengthen the national team in the future.

Notable Ghanaian Basketball Players

Ghana may not have a strong presence in the international basketball scene, but the country has produced some notable Ghanaian-born players who have made their mark in the sport. Despite the absence of a national team, these players have chosen to represent other nations and have found success playing in various professional leagues around the world.

Ben Bentil

One of the standout Ghanaian basketball players is Ben Bentil, who currently plays for Panathinaikos B.C. in Greece. The forward, standing at 6’8″, has showcased his skills on the court with his ability to score and rebound effectively. Bentil has also had stints with NBA teams like the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics, further cementing his talent and potential.

Amida Brimah

Another Ghanaian-born player making waves in the basketball world is Amida Brimah. Although currently a free agent, Brimah has had a successful college career at the University of Connecticut, where he was known for his shot-blocking ability. Standing at 7 feet tall, Brimah’s defensive prowess and athleticism have caught the attention of scouts and fans alike.

Nathan Mensah, Billy Ouattara, and Akwasi Yeboah

Ghana also has other notable basketball talents, such as Nathan Mensah, who currently plays for the San Diego State Aztecs men’s basketball team. Billy Ouattara, a Ghanaian-born player, has made a name for himself in the Spanish Liga ACB, playing for Real Betis Baloncesto. Akwasi Yeboah is another rising star, currently playing for Saint-Quentin Basket-Ball in France and showcasing his skills as a forward.

While these players have not represented Ghana on the international stage, their success and talent serve as an inspiration to aspiring young basketball players in the country. As Ghana continues to develop its basketball program and create opportunities for its players, we may see more Ghanaian-born players making a name for themselves in the future.

Grassroots Development and International Exposure

Despite the limited success of the Ghana men’s national basketball team on the international stage, the country is making significant efforts to develop basketball at the grassroots level. One of the key initiatives is the establishment of a U-18 national team that competes at the FIBA Africa Under-18 Championship. This provides young Ghanaian players with the opportunity to showcase their skills and gain valuable experience in an international setting.

The FIBA Africa Under-18 Championship is a prestigious tournament that brings together some of the best young basketball talents from across the continent. By participating in this tournament, Ghanaian players not only gain exposure but also have the chance to learn from and compete against top-level competition. This exposure to international play is crucial for their development and growth as basketball players.

In addition to international tournaments, Ghanaian players have also sought opportunities to play in strong leagues around the world. Many choose to pursue their basketball careers in the United States, playing in the highly competitive NCAA. Others have found success in European leagues, such as the Spanish Liga ACB. These experiences abroad allow Ghanaian players to further enhance their skills and gain valuable exposure to different styles of play.

Overall, the emphasis on grassroots development and international exposure is a positive sign for the future of Ghana basketball. The establishment of the U-18 national team and the participation in the FIBA Africa Under-18 Championship provide a solid foundation for nurturing young talent. Coupled with the opportunities for international play in strong leagues, Ghanaian players have the potential to make a significant impact on the global basketball stage in the coming years.


Despite the current lack of significant success on the international stage, the future prospects for Ghana basketball are looking promising. The development of the sport at the grassroots level and the participation of Ghanaian players in strong leagues showcase the potential for growth and improvement.

The Ghana Basketball Association (GBBA) plays a crucial role in fostering talent and supporting the national teams. By continuing their efforts to develop basketball in the country and providing resources and opportunities for players, the GBBA is laying the foundation for future success.

With Ghanaian players making their presence felt in leagues like the US-based NCAA and the Spanish Liga ACB, the exposure gained by these players contributes to the overall growth and recognition of basketball in Ghana. It not only highlights the talent pool within the country but also attracts attention from international scouts and coaches.

Looking ahead, the trajectory of Ghana basketball seems promising. With continued efforts, support, and investment in grassroots development, as well as the commitment of the Ghana Basketball Association (GBBA) in nurturing talent, it is reasonable to expect that Ghana basketball will reach new heights in the coming years.

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